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September 6Today I took an image from the Smithsonian Website to use on me blog-- check it out! Argh!!

September 3I spent some time looking around iTunes today. I purchased meself a song and then reposted it to me website and am now selling it for 50 cents a download. Har, har, har!

August 31My parrot Fred was a little sick today, so I looked up some information in a book about birds. I read, "While parrots enjoy peanuts-- do not make it a habit to feed them too many. It can make them sick."

August 28 Today I filmed meself sailing on the seven seas. I posted me video to YouTube. So far it has received 2,000 hits!

August 25Today I found a great pirate image of Captain Hook on the Disney website. I e-mailed Disney and asked if I could use it. I never heard back. Oh well, I guess I'll just use it anyway. It will look great on the cover of my new music CD single- "A Pirate's Life."

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