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Book Talk:I Am Rosa Parksby Rosa Parks with Jim Haskins, Illustrated by Wil Clay

Summary:This book is a powerful story that goes through the life of Rosa Parks. This book talks all about Rosa Parks bus boycott and how it brought national attention to the civil rights movement. In simple child-friendly language, the author goes into detail about Rosa Parks life and childhood, and recounts the events that shook up the nation.

Grade & Standards:*First-Fourth Grade*Strand One: American HistoryConcept 9: Postwar United StatesPO1. Recognize that individuals (e.g., Susan B. Anthony, Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Cesar Chavez) worked for and supported the rights and freedom of others.

ELL Adaptions:There are many pictures in this book (one on every single page) that explain what is going on throughout the text, as well as a detailed map. If ELLs were read this book, the words are easy to follow and understand. You could also have a recording of it being read, or videos/timelines with pictures to help understand even more.

By: Taylor Lind

SS Potential:-This book could be used in many different ways during history class. You could read this book to get information on the life and events of Rosa Parks.-Information about Civil Rights. -Timeline about Rosa Parks life. -Information on the bus boycott & segregation.-Powerful message of respect & standing up for yourself/others.-Multicuralism-Maps (pg. 16)

Why Use It?This book is a simple written book that can be used to help children understand an important individual in history as well as how she worked and supported the rights and freedom of others. It is written in a form that is easy for children to understand, and can be integrated into other subjects. It is an informative, interesting, and powerful story. It is told in first person and accesible to beginning readers.

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