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Book Talk- Awakening


Awakening By: Robin Wasserman

What I liked:I liked that J.D. wasn't concerned about becoming who she used to be. She was okay with the person she was and as much as she wanted to make her "mother" happy she wanted to be the person she became. I also liked the plot and the suspense. What I disliked:I didn't like the cliff hanger ending and I also didn't like how they uncovered the the truth just pages from the end.


Published: May 2007Genre: Mystery/Fantasy Awards: NoneThis is the first book in a series of three. The series is called Chasing Yesterday.


J.D. Is a girl who lost all of her memories in an explosion. She is independent, strong, smart, and brave. Daniel is a boy J.D. meets at the center and becomes her only friend. He is very tolerant, understanding, and selfless. J.D.'s "mother" was a deceiving woman that gained custody of J.D. From J.D.'s perspective she was nice and very welcoming but in all reality she wasn't actually her mom. Dr. Styron was J.D's "therapist" who was also a lier towards J.D. He seemed like a very smart, genuine man but he was actually the mastermind of an evil plot.

It was set in Chester Center for Juvenile Services and J.D.'s "mother's" home.

I read the book because the title looked interesting and the back cover drew me in.

Why I Read The Book

Lexile: 670


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