Book Spine Poetry

by MrHodgson
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Book Spine Poetry

...because writing matters (we need to)bum rush the page(and demand) more teaching (of) the newwriting;Pauseand Effect(with) teachers at the center (who are)teaching with fire (and passion and)teaching with technology (so, be readyWorld, because)here comes everybody.

On the RezAmerica Now(treats Indian reservations as) Secret Corners of the World(full of) Myth and Meaning(where) Fighting Words(include)LoveLibertyAmerica

The odyssey toa Coney Island of the mind,a kaddish fora Paradise lost.A house of light,in leaves of grass,writing down the bones.

Where the sidewalk ends,Far Traveler,march toward the thunder,speaking volumes:the making of a poemthe art of styling sentencesthe fire eternalLet down your hairat the crossing-placesCome thirsty,Dream-Weaver.Speaknothing but the truth.


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