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Book review

The Drover's Dream -written by Lionel Longillustrated by Deborah Niland.

This book is a great book for all ages, it is a poem about a drover who falls asleep while looking after his sheep. The poem describes the things he sees in his dream. The pages are decorated with fabulous images of the animals and the antics they get up to in the dream. I would recommend it to anyone who loves Australian Bush Poetry.

The other character I would like to describe is the kangaroo in the dream, he is a swaggy who carries his swag or 'bluey' as it is referred to in the poem, everywhere he goes. He has an interesting mate, a dingo, who runs alongside him.

Character DescriptionThe first character I would like to describe is the drover, he is an old bushy who is relaxing while taking care of his flock of sheep. He has a long beard and wears bush clothes. He comes across as a bit of a relaxed character; siince he goes to sleep while looking after his sheep.

Below is an image of a kangaroo and a dingo.


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