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Book Review

Great novel that shows how friendship can really mean something in life. It shows that life isn't all about work, work, and work. That it's good to have friends to have a laugh for once or to just be with someone.

When Francis (shortly to be known as Stuff) moved to 116th Street, he didn't know anyone, but that didn't last long. Cool Clyde, Fast Sam, Gloria, BB, Angel and Maria, Chalky and Carnation Charley - they grew close that one eventful year, and nothing was ever like it again. That was the year that modern science got them all in jail; the year Stuff fell in love and was unfaithful; the year Cool Clyde and Fast Sam won the dance contest - almost.

116th Street in New York


Fast Sam, Cool Clyde, and Stuff


Walter Dean Myers

The Good People



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