Book Review: The Mystery Of The Chinese Junk

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Book Review: The Mystery Of The Chinese Junk

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Author: FRANKLIN W. DIXONGenre: Fiction

Book review

Name: Justin Smith core 3 Date: 10-27-14

Barmet BayBayportCaliforniaHong KongNew York City


Frank HardyTony PritoGertrude HardyJoe hardy Bill HooperChet MortonClams DaggetJim Foy


Title:The Mystery Of The chinese Junk


There are many conflicts in this story. One is that someone keeps breaking in their Aunt Gertrudes House and it is scaring her. Another is that They want to get a chinese boat but when they get to Hong Kong to get it, gangs try to stop them from getting it by attacking them and trying to kidnap and trick them. The main one is that there boat was being used as a drug export before they bought it and thats why the gangs wanted it so bad.

Picture of the boat.

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