Book Report: My Side Of The Mountain

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Book Report: My Side Of The Mountain

action adventure


Author: Jean George

Book report

kiya dehorney

Sam Gribley is a 12 year old boy who is fed up with being stuck in an apartment with his little brothers and sisters. so he decides he's had enough , he runs of to Catskill mountains to hide from people and live on his own he meets new friends and has to face big problems!

55 word summary

sam gribley frightful bando


Title: ''My Side Of The Mountain''

Author's Purpose

Favorite Quote

Sam lives in the woods , and he does not have clothing , food , and shelter , so he finds a hawk named frightful to help him survive

jean george wrote this book to teach you to be brave and to show how important friends are

" i came here because i thought the only way to know nature was to live with it "-Sam Gribley

I like the Book!



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