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Running Fence

Running FenceBy: Christo and Jean-Claude 

When thinking about the placement of Running Fence, Christo and Jeanne-Claude wanted to connect urban, suburban, and rural cultures in coastal California, which is what it did. It crossed roads, fields, and private property to connect the different cultures, with the many people in them. In building the fence, Christo and Jeanne-Claude made sure that it ran in relation to man-made structures, to show how close they all were to each other.

How the artists affect the environment with their artistic expression.

How the artists affect the space with their artistic expression

For the fourteen day period Running Fence was still up, it was a part of the land. In an interview with Smithsonian Magazine, Christo said “In the morning, the mist rolls forward from the ocean and the fence becomes invisible, part of the mist. Then the mist rolls back. So throughout the day the fence is constantly appearing and disappearing.” He is discussing how incredibly amazing it is that something can just become a piece of the land and disappear. This daily occurrence shows how naturally art fits in the world. Running Fence was designed to not leave any physical effect on the land. Years later there is no sign that it was ever there. The goal of Running Fence is to connect and link together urban, suburban, and highway areas as it ran through the hills.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude were able to point out to everyone, the proximity of all the groups of people, and show them how easy it is to visit each other. They showed people the effect art can have and shows them how they need to connect and join cultures, rather than living separate from each other. They were able to show everyone that it is just a short distance that is easily crossed.

How the artists changed the way the viewer saw the environment and space

Do you find interest or value in what Christo and Jean-Claude are doing as artists?

I think it is incredibly interesting what they are doing as artists! It is awesome that each piece has its own message and intent behind it. They are all very complicated pieces as well. So much work goes into each piece, but they are all only up for enough time to get the message across. I think their devotion to their work is so incredible. They work so hard on such large, elaborate pieces!


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