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book report7

Dear Diary, After my run in with my mom i saw that Pheobe had called me. I went to go and meet her at a coffee shop to talk to her and when I got there ishe and i sat down and talked for a little while. She appologized about her sister situation, but i insisted that I'd help find her. Then after leaving the coffee shop i returned home to find my house was now a graveyard most likely created by Seth. After making sure i was in the right place, which i was, i examined the cemetery and noticed the big Greek-sized temple Mausoleum with Daniel carved on it was in the very center. After all that I decided to go into hiding for a while. Now I'm staying at Pheobe's house for the night. Sincerely, Daniel X

''I wouldn't stop helping for your sister even if you told me too. We're going to find her. Somehow.'' Daniel''Hey I told you I was a closet geek,'' Pheobe

Chapter 35-42

Bullet For My Valentine- Say Goodnight

Personal ResponseI thought this was a kind of blad few chapters. Other that the cemetary part of these chapters I wasn't very entertained. Though, this is probably leading into the meeting of Daniel and Seth so the next chapters should be cool.


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