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book report6

Dear Diary,Today was probably the wierdest I've dad in a while. I purposely failed my histoy quiz, and was ridiclued alot for it. I also found out that Pheobe's sister ws kidnaped and she is relocating because of it. I belive it was Ergent Seth's work, but before I had any time to investigate he ambushed me and i bareley escaped by creating one of my friends Willy and speeding away in a Chevy Cavalier. Then I crashed the car on the football field where he was at and caught both him and his backup that tried to strangle me and turened them into elephant turds. Once I got home I entered alert and ready to fight but the only thing i found wrong was my mom making me breakfast in the afternoon. It was a psycotic day to remember. Sincerely, Daniel X

Quotes''I lost a sister too,'' Daniel''I now pronounce you...elephant turds,'' Daniel

Personal ResponseI thought this chapter was probably one of the wierdest i have ever read so far. The thing about the elephant turds was just plain wrong, but funny. Still the part where his mom showed up also had me confused so i need to keep reading.

Avenged Sevenfold- Almost Easy

Chapter 28-35


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