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book report5

Chapters 21-28

Dear Diary, Today diddn't go quite as planned i got mauled by a litter of cats that Ergent seth sent to warn me. After that i conjured up my good friends Dana, Emma, Joe, and Willy to help with the wounds and keep me company. Even after the cats Ergent Seth actually called me to scare me even more. Also a day ago i busted a thug for using kids as slaves basically to sell drugs, and then i turned him into a preacher and let him preach about him being saved. All in all i'd have to say this has been a very hectic past few days. Sincerely, Daniel X

Quotes ''AND I AM HERE IN THE NAME OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR TO MAKE SURE THAT EACH AND EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU SEES THE SAME LIGHT!''Drug Dealer''Now, wake up, dear boy-and enjoy another sleepless night, complements of Ergent Seth'' Ergent Seth

Three Days Grace-Get Out Alive

Personal ResponseI thought these seven chapters were a good start to introducing who Ergent Seth really was. I also found some of the pages to be really evil felling at the start, but had a humorous ending. In conclusion i thought it was a creepy, but funny chapter.


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