Book Report#1

by snphgpa3u
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Book Report#1

What if They Knew,by Patricia Hermes

settingThe setting of the story is in the sewer,at the beach, at school,and at Jeremy's house in present times in some suburban place in the U.s.A.Clues The three clues are that the author would tell you that you were somewhere,that it would give you clues for where you were such as when she was at the beach it said she could feel the hot white sand under her feet, and last clue is that she just tells you.ParagraphThe setting was important to the story because otherwise it would be hard to comprehend the story.You wouldn't understand half the things they're saying without it.Such as when Jeremy went into the sewer, it would be impossible to understand whats happening.Or when she went to the beach you would be asking yourself"why did she do half the things she did."So actually the setting is really important.



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