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Book Report

I like the Book!

This story takes place approximately 4 years into the past life of the main character, Artemis. The action in the book takes place in many different parts of Ireland as Artemis chases an abducted and elusive lemur.


Author: Eoin Colfer

Book report

Name: N. Holden Date: 10/1/14

1.Holly and Artemis go back in time to save Artemis's mother from the brink of death by saving a species that ironically, he made extinct.2.Artemis is captured by his greatest enemy Opal Koboi. He realizes she is behind his mother's magical sickness and gets the lemur that his mission is all about. He escapes away through a hole in space-time with Holly. 3.Artemis has a showdown with Opal. Both survive the duel. Now two Opals roam the present time Earth, the one from the past and the one from the present.

3 Main Events

Artemis Fowl is an intelligent, conniving, and clever boy.Holly Short is a brave, quick- thinking, and tough fairy.Mulch Diggums is a quite humorous, confident, and alert Dwarf.


Title: Artemis Fowl the Time Paradox




The Climax of the story is when Artemis and the lemur are captured by Opal Koboi. Artemis needs the lemur to make a serum to save his mom from the magical sickness that she has. Opal reveals her plan to use the same lemur to make a serum that will render her magic all powerful. Opal intends to harvest Artemis' brain fluids to make moisturizer and then to incinerate him. When Opal leaves him with one of her assistants Artemis attempts his escape and tries to rescue the lemur.

Artemis manages to escape from Opal's clutches and succeeds in rescuing the lemur. He opens a hole in the time-stream and exits into the present. In his haste he forgets to hex the door and Opal follows him through. He cures his mother before he and Opal duel. He wins the duel and traps Opal. Unfortunately she later escapes. Now this other, more powerful Opal is on the loose.

The book explores a parodox. Artemis realizes by the end of the novel that his going into the past to cure his mother's sickness is exactly what contributed to his mother's sickness. Similarly as a result of his journey through the time-stream there are now two versions of Opal, one even more powerful than before.


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