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Book Report

Edgar GielsdorfUlli LindenerAdolf Hitler

There was no major conflict in this book. Except other than the fact that Hitler was grooming innocent children into killing machines.

There wasn't a specific setting. It took place in Germany during WWII.

The Hitler YouthBy: Alexa DvorsonPresented by: Calli-Marie Neil

Alexa Dvorson's The Hitler Youth follows the life of two children, Edgar Gielsdorf and Ulli Lindener, who were involved in the Hitler Youth. The Hitler Youth was Hitler's way of brain washing innocent children into thinking that the Jewish race was a threat to germany and that they should be killed. However, he brain washed them without them knowing it, through a series of fun activities and games. The hitler Youth provided a place of escape for many young boys and girls. Edgar joined the Hitler Youth when he was very young, and he eventually became an officer in the German army. Ulli joined the Hitler Youth because she felt restricted at home and was bored. After the war, both children were deeply troubled when they realized what they had been a part of.


One thing that Hitler wanted to do was teach the boys how to kill without remorse. One activity he had them practice is the boys would have to bring their favorite pet to a Hitler Youth meeting. Then, they were forced to kill it.


I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning about the Hitler Youth and about WWII. This book contains important information, along with pictures to help the reader get a better and deeper understanding of the Hitler Youth. Overall, I thought the book was very good. It is a good book for a book report.


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