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Book Report

Author: John Feinstein

Title: Rush For The Gold

Main EventsSusan Carol makes the Olympic team in 200 butterfly and 100 butterfly. Susan Carol swims in the Olympics and places 1-4, Read the book to find out what place and what happens.

SettingsLondonOmaha NebraskaOlympic Pool in London

CharactersSusan Carol AndersonStevie ThomasBobby KelleherElizabeth WentworthLiu ZigeEd BrennanJ. P. ScottReverend AndersonTamara Kelleher


Problem, conflict


What you think about the Book?

Susan Carol becomes a worl champion in her 200 butterfly and quickly becomes a HUGE star. Susan Carol gets lots of sponsors and is managed by "Lightning Fast". Susan Carol's dad becomes really good friends with J.P. Scott, from lightning fast, and J.P. makes a promise to ONLY represent Susan Carol as a swimmer, not a model. But Susan is being put in magazines and newspapers with people only writing about her good looks, not the fact that shes an amazing butterflyer, and her dad is not doing anything! When Olympics come around, that becomes not a big problem anymore, however, Susan Carol and Stevie learn that agents are not the type of people you an truly trust..

Susan Carol is told that the only way people will notice her swimming is if she has good looks and thats why Lightening Fast started to represent her like that. Susuan Carol goes to the Olympic trials and makes the USA team in 100 buterfly and 200, placing second in her 100 and first in her 200. The Olympics come around and some conflics roll in before her races... But Susan Carol manages to have some great races and pull through anything that comes her way.

I really liked this book because I can relate to it through my own swimming experiences at big meets like state. regionals, and nationals. On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the best rating) I would give this book a 5 because I really liked it and can relate. This book is not for everyone though because you might not understand some things in it but I recomend It to any athletes, especially swimmers. This book has a lot of things going on at almost all times, It starts out kinda slow but as you keep reading you can't put the book down!


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