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In 1945, the end of World War II, Adolf Eichmann, the head of the operations for the final solution, dissapeared so no one knew where he was. sixteen years later, a team of spies captured him and brought him to trial. One of the most important trials ever.

This book took place in a lot of different places at some points. some of the places were argentina, germany, and a few others. the year was around

The climax in the book, The Nazi Hunters, would be where the group of spies finally capured Adolf Eichmann.

There are many characters in this book, but the main one is Adolf Eichmann. The others use different names throughout the book, but some are zeev, malkin, Shalom, Aharoni, and a lot more

In my opinion, it was a great book. it took a while to start getting good, but then it was really good and interesting. It was a good piece of history as well.

By: Wade Hunter

The Nazi HuntersNeal Bascomb


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