Book Report: Tuck Everlasting

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Book Report: Tuck Everlasting

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Author: Natalie Babbitt

Book report

Name: ....Nicole......................... Date: .................................

Winnie, a 10 year old girl, is bored with her life. She's not allowed to go beyond the fence in her yard.She decides to run away one day and discovers the Tuck family living in the woods.They take her in and tell her their secret about the spring.

Main Events

Winnie FosterWinnie's parentsAngus TuckMae TuckJesse TuckMiles Tuckthe man in the yellow suitConstable


Title: Tuck Everlasting



The Tuck family stumbles upon a spring in the woods whose water gives eternal life. Winnie Foster comes across the family and becomes friends with them. The man in the yellow suit will stop at nothing to steal the Tuck family secret.

Because Winne stays with the Tucks so long, her parents worry that she has been kidnapped. They eventually find Winne and the Tucks. The Tucks are arrested and sent to jail. Winnie sneaks out in the middle of the night to free the Tucks from jail so they can escape Treegap without anyone knowing their secret.

I like the Book!

2002 movie trailer Tuck Everlasting


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