Book Report: Total Offence

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Book Report: Total Offence

This book takes place in a family dinner,Fat Vinnies Family Dinner also the brunswick valley soccer field small town

Author:Robert Rayner

Name: Braeden Vermette Period:4

Hard work pays offbecause in this bookthere are alot ofobstacles to overcome but they're able to get through it


TobyMaddieDean Wolfe Mrs.WinterMr.WinterWanda Sludgemire


Title:Total Offence



Why did I like the book

One conflict in this story is man vs man with Maddie and her dad Mr.Winter. Maddie is mad at her father for bribing the coach

The Protaginist is Toby beacuse of his commitment and bravery.The Antagonist is St.Croix the rival team of Brunswick Valley Hot Dogs.

I like this book because it has alot of excitment.I reccomend this book to anyone who enjoys sports and likes excitment.

I like the Book!

Robert Rayner has made lots of sports book for Exaple Suspended.Robert Rayner has written 3 adult novels 9 young adult novels and 4 teen novels

Mood:Excitingbecause theres alot of exciting moments in this book


"Fat Vinnies Family Dinner will pay you two hundred dollars a game,And I would really like my daughter to stay on the team" said Mr.Winter

The Genre of this book is:Realistic Fiction

Some story deatails are the Brunswick Valley Hotdogs coach is professionalplayer Dean Wolfe .The rival team is StCroix.Brunswick Valley was origonaly sponsored by Fat Vinnies Family Dinner but the ban was banned by health inspector

Some Deatails!


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