Book Report: Three Little Words

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Book Report: Three Little Words

Ashley Rhodes-Courter was three years old when police came to arrest her birth mother and place Ashley and her brother Luke in foster care. Nearly nine years later, shortly before her 12th birthday, Ashley finally moved in with Gail and Phil Courter, who would become her adoptive parents. At age 21, a recent college graduate, she decided to write a book "Three Little Words" wich was how her life was in the foster care she was in as a child.Ashley's mother, who was abandoned by her own teenage mother, was 17 when she gave birth to Ashley. During Ashley's nine years in foster care, which included 14 placements, she moved from home to home, sometimes taking all her clothing and possessions stuffed in garbage bags and sometimes having to leave everything behind. The only things that were consistent in her life for all of those years were wondering when she would move again and feeling that she was special to no one. Most of her foster homes were overcrowded; in one she was exposed to pornography; and in another she was cruelly abused, beaten, forced to spend the days outside in the hot Florida sun and squat under a counter for hours. The turning point for Ashley was at age nine when Mary Miller was assigned as her volunteer court-appointed advocate. Mary rescued Ashley from being lost in the foster care system and promised to find her a forever family, but moving in with Gail and Phil was not simply a happy ending to her story. Ashley still feared that the Courters would send her back, leading her to test them in many ways. The couple saw things differently and only time and their unfailing commitment finally led Ashley to realize that she was home, surrounded by the love that had so long been missing from her life.

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The author that wrote this wrote what actualy happened to her. Her name is Ashley Rhodes-courter she wrote this book based on things that happened to her when being a child, and how she had to be in a lot of foster homes. She wrote the book when she was 16 I believe and now she is 30. She has a red hair and is white and chubby.

Three little words

Ashley Rhodes-courter


This book is about a girl named Ashley Rhodes-courter of how when she was little she had to be taken away from her mother and put into a foster home. She wrote about how she went from foster home to foster home and how some foster parents were nice some were mean and abusive.

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