Book Report: The Wizard of Oz

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Book Report: The Wizard of Oz

This magical tale takes place in three places. Kansas, Oz, and the Emerald city


Author: L. Frank Baum

Book report

Name: Julia Shiflet Date: November 2014

You can do anything with the help of friends and family.

Dorthy- a small town girlScarecrow- a scarecrow who wants a brainLion- a very cowardly lionTinwoodman- a rusty tinmanTodo- Dorthy's long haired dogWicked witch of the west- an evil witchGlenda- the good witchOz the great and terrible- the great wizard of Oz

Title: The Wizard of Oz


I like the Book!

Problem- Dorthy is a sweet little girl who lives on a farm with her uncle Henry and aunt Em. Not very far into the story her house gets taken away by a cyclone or a tornado and it takes her off into a wonderful flace far away by the name of Oz. With the help of a few friends they travel to the Emerald city to see Oz the Great and Terrible so he can help her get back home to Kansas.Solution- Even though Dorthy and her friends hit a few opsticles, they still get to Oz in the Emerald city and she gets back home to Kansas with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry waiting for her.

the city was as green as emerald.that night the wind was howling like wolves.

Figurative Language




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