Book Report: The Thieves of Ostia

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Book Report: The Thieves of Ostia

79 A.D. in Ostia, Rome.1. Main harbor for Rome for goods from the western half of the empire.2. Major Urban Center for Rome begins at this time.3. It was the mouth of the Tiberus River to Rome.4. This was the "Imperial Period of Rome.5. Slaves was one of the imports to Italy.


Author: Caroline Lawrence

Book report

Name: Hayes T. Polk Date: December 8, 2014

Flavia buys a slave, Nubia, and secretly sets her free and becomes friends with her. A man named Avitus commits suicide at the lighthouse. They find a mute beggar boy, Lupus, who becomes friends with everyone. They catch the theif.

Main Events

Flavia: An only child that lives with her father and two servants.Jonathan: A secret christian that befriends Flavia.


Title: The Theives of Ostia

Conflict/Point of View



Conflict: The dogs on Flavia's street start randomly dying with their heads cut off.Point of View: 3rd Person

Theme: Variety of lifestyles in the Roman town.Climax: Flavia, Jonathan, Lupus, and Nubia find out who the theif is.

Summary: When Flavia Gemina goes to retrieve her father's stolen ring, she encounters a rabid pack of dogs. She is saved by a boy named Jonathan, who become friends. But when all of the dogs on Flavia's street start dying, Flavia is determined to find out who is killing them and why.Resolution: The group sets up a trap and catches the theif.


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