Book report: Stephen Bury - Interface (project)

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Book report: Stephen Bury - Interface (project)

Author: Stephen Bury

Book Sell Project

Name: Benjamin Davis

The protagonist is William A. Cozzano, the governor of Illinois. He has a stroke and gets a radical new treatment for it. A chip is placed in his brain that helps rebuild the brain's function. He has dreamed of becoming president and now, more than ever, he wants to run for it.


Title: Interface



" 'Before the operation, he could not sit up in bed or speak. Now, as you can see, he can sit up for prolonged periods, and he has developed the ability to say 'wubba wubba' ' 'Wubba wubba wubba,' Mr. Scatflinger said." (160) *Mr. Scatflinger is a failed attempt at the new brain treatment.*

Man vs. SelfCozzano struggles with the inability to do much from his stroke, even contemplating suicide.Man vs. ManCozzano must deal with the other candidates for the election and their tricks and traps.

3 starsVery enjoyable, but takes a while for some conflict to develop.Has very deep thoughts that make you think about government and presidency.

Memorable Quotes

Genre: (political) Science fiction

Target audience: Adults

These are some different covers of the book.images from HERE

1995 2002 2005


The book is set in future (10-20 years forward) USA (a variety of places, including Tuscola, IL; Cacher, OK; and Washington, D.C.)


The theme of the book is to follow your dreams while you can. Cozzano wishes to be president more than ever after his stroke.


There are many antogonists. Cozzano must fight the other candidates to be elected, in addition to fighting the media. Nimrod T. "Tip" McLane is the other main candidate for the race. He is a philosophy doctor from Notre Dame, and has a strong team backing him.

Stephen Bury isa pseudonym for Neal Stephenson& J. Frederick George. Neal Stephenson has written many other books, but only 2 are written as Stephen Bury.

the groundbreaking new treatment in the book uses a biochip to repair signals of the brain.

Neal Stephenson

Biochips exist today and are a very controversial topic.

Many of the towns and places in the story are real, and have the characteristics in the book.

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  • Madgrom3 8 years ago

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    This was a really good glogster. Most things were short and to the point in a good way. The links provided were helpful and definitely were relevant. The inclusion of the google earth photos were a nice touch. I am not normally interested in these kind of books but you made me want to read. I only saw one mistake where you spelled antagonist wrong.

  • anabellaroithner 8 years ago

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    This was a great glog. The links you provided were very helpful in explaining what the specific things were. Even though I'm usually not to interested in these types of books your glog sparked my interest. The only mistake I saw was where you spelled antagonist wrong.

  • gillianbernard 8 years ago

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    You did a very good job. I liked the way everything was set up. The links you had that give extra information were very good and useful. i liked the fact you included about the authors name. I agree with Anabella you made this book sound very interesting even though I wouldn't typically read it. I also liked that you included the different covers for the book over the years. Like Wil and Anabella said the only mistake you made was spelling antagonist wrong.