Book Report: Steeve Jobs

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Book Report: Steeve Jobs

Book Report: Steve Jobs the man who thought differentBy: Tai



The theme throughout the book is based on telling the story so from his childhood when he was a bully. To the first apple computer to 2011 when he died so like a timelinethroughout his lifetime


Steve like i said nailed the company with his further more bestfriend Wozniak. After The Apple computer 2 Steve's Step Sister decided to help but sense Steve's experience from Atari was a good succes they became what they are now. Also when they became a official bussines.

Did you know, Steve Jobs Barely had any money so had to take loans. Did you know,One of Steve's projects was named after His daughter Lisa


Interesting Link, Source

Steve Jobs The Man who Thought Different, is about of course about the one and only... Steve Jobs. The book takes place his hole life in different places from his young childhood to his 2011 years (When he died). If your looking for a good biography well here you go. For example it tells About when he made the first computer which was In his garage and apartment. Not alone, with his bestfriend Wozniak who taught him alot of what he knows now. They took several lones to pay back still keeping 1,000,000's of dollars. But they grew bigger thoughout on to 2011 where STEVE JOBS DIE


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