Book Report: Staying Strong

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Book Report: Staying Strong

The time that Demi Lovato wrote this book was about 1 or 2 years ago but was sold in stores this year, 2014. Demi wrote this book by writing a new chapter each day. That's why if u look at the covor it says 360 days in a year. There is no real location to this book other than her saying this event took place at school or over the summer.


Author: Demi Lovato

Book report

Name: Emily Boyd Date: 10/29/14

The main event in this story is Demi Lovato telling her story of having that troubled time in her life, and how you can over come your problems and always get help. There are a whole bunch of quotes in this book and goals that you can make to help you with anything you might want to acomplish or change.Some of my favrite quotes in this book are "Life can be so difficult at times, but fighting through the pain is so worth it. "It's better to feel every emotion than not feel at all." "When your feet start to hurt place your feet in someone else's shoes." and "It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be."

Main Events

Since this book is a biography the only character they talk about, using a name it Demi Lovato, but it does use the words, mom, dad, sister, bully, etc.


Title:Staying Strong



lead/ Inference

Threw out Demi Lovato's life she has been threw a really tough time. She was bullyed really bad which caused self harm and a lot of problems for her. The conflict i think is mostly man vs self, man vs man,and man vs society because she had so much stuff going on.

What inspired you to right this book?How many people did you truly inspire by this book?Did this book also help you? not just its readers.

The lead of this book was stating a facts about Demi Lovatos past. This lead may of been used by Demi because it gives you a big idea of what the story will mostly be about.I think that if Demi does right another book i don't think it would be focused so much on her past, but her future and how she is going to continue her life, with preforming and seeing all her wonderful fans and lovatics and descovering new things.


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