Book report: Robert Cormier - The Chocolate War

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Book report: Robert Cormier - The Chocolate War

ReviewsThis is one of my favorite books. I never read it as a kid, but I've read it several times now as an adult and it's still so beautiful. The writing is stark and concise, and so is the story, which is one of the most difficult plots to describe. This is one of those where you talk about the theme more than the actual story: "It's the best book about good and evil that exists," you tell someone, after trying to outline a chocolate sale at a religious boy's school that ends in a sadistic boxing fight.

Awards:An ALA Best Books for Young AdultsA School Library Journal Best Books of the YearA Kirkus Reviews ChoiceA New York Times Outstanding Books of the YearMargaret A Edwards Award

Quotes describing Brother Leon: He could hold your attention like a cobra. Instead of fangs, he used his teacher's pointer, flicking out here, there, everywhere. (4.11)Jerry: He didn't want to be a mirror of his father. The thought made him cringe. I want to do something. Be somebody. But what? But what?Evil advice from Archie: "If you want to get under a guy's skin, accuse him of being something he isn't. Otherwise, you're only telling him something he knows."

Jerry Renault: The protagonist of the story, Jerry decides he wants to dare to disturb the universe. He single-handedly takes on the Vigils

Audience:students who are ages 14 and up and in grades ninth through twelve grades like Jerry. This is the age where students maybe questioning their own life and decide to “Dare I disturb the universe. The This realistic fiction engages today’s youth are confronted with dealing with peer pressure at an early age.

The Chocolate War is number three on the American Library Association's list of the 100 most banned/challenged books — it even beat the gay penguins! — proving that the story retains its dangerous edge after these many years. As Bush and his cronies slink back to their caves and the country is poised for a slow, difficult, yet inevitable renewal with the Obama administration, the story feels almost too timely — how many brave individuals in the past eight years have fought to take a stand against the corruption of our leaders, even when the tide of patriotic fervor and intimidating rhetoric pounded against them? Chris Bolton

"Dare I disturb the universe"

The Vigils: The Group of students that are known and at the same time unknown, who rule the school in the shadows.

Archie Costello: The antagonist of the story, he is the Assigner, also one of the rulers of the school. High up in the Vigils, he decides who and what kind of terrors the students will do.


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