Book Report Project

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Book Report Project


Book Report Glog

Rising Action

This is your final project for this semester. Read your independent novel and design a Glog that includes:a.Title and Author of the novelb.10 examples of key concepts from the novel.c. Visual Plot Summaryd.Character gallery with character descriptions and pictures related to each character.e. Your book reviewf. Appearance of Glog must include images related to the story. Overall organization and appearance of Glog will be graded according to the rubric on this sample Glog.g.Extra credit will be given for attaching music to the Glog. The music must connect to the theme or key concepts of the novel.BOOK REPORT PROJECTS ARE DUE NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 14th.Ten points BONUS if project is turned in by December 7th.Class time with computers to work on project: November 30, December 7, December 13

Falling Action



Visual Plot Summary

Definition of your key concept and 10 examples from the text. page #: example

Character Description

Character Description

Character Description:

Character Gallery

My Book Review


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