Book Report: Novel Uglies By Laura G.

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Book Report: Novel Uglies By Laura G.

Tally Youngblood. like any other Ugly, is eager to become pretty and join her best friend ,Peris, in New Pretty Town. But when she meets Shay, an Ugly who doesn't want to be pretty, she tells Tally about a town in the wilderness called the Smoke, where no one is pretty. Shay tries to convince Tally to go with her but she refuses and Shay runs away by herself, leaving Tally a note with directions to the Smoke in case she changes her mind . The day of Tally's surgery, she is stopped by Dr. Cable from Special Circumstances, who tells Tally that in order to become pretty she must help them find Shay and the Smoke. Tally eventually agrees and goes on a journey to the Smoke. It takes her a while, but she arrives to the Smoke and is happy to see Shay. She also meets and starts falling for David, who has always lived in the wilderness. Tally starts to like the Smoke and contemplates on contacting Dr. Cable or not. David introduces Tally to his parents, who tell her about the brain lesions the government implants into people's brains when they get the surgery. After learning about the lesions, Tally throws her tracker given to her by Dr. Cable in the fire and thinks she is finally free. The next day Special Circumstances come to the Smoke and destroy it. Tally and David manage to escape and they rescue the Smokies in the city, although Shay had already been turned pretty and David's dad died. David's mom finds a cure to the lesions and Tally feels so guilty for everything that she volunteers to be the test subject (she will become pretty then take the cure). Tally confesses to David that she was a spy for Special Circumstances all along and she returns to the town with Shay and turns herself in .


The main characters in Uglies are Tally, David, and Shay. The protagonist of the story is Tally; a 15 year-old who is eager to become pretty, but has to choose whether to betray her friend, Shay, by giving up her location in order to become pretty, or to stay ugly forever. Throughout the story she struggles with her identity and knowing where she really belongs. Shay is Tally's friend who she meets after coming back from breaking into New Pretty Town. Unlike Tally, she thinks being pretty takes away from your individuality and refuses to become pretty, so she runs away to the Smoke before her 16th birthday. She tries to convince Tally to do the same but she refuses and Shay leaves her a note with directions to the Smoke in case she changes her mind. David is Tally's love interest, he has lived in the Smoke his entire life, so he has a different view on things. He helps Tally adjust to life in the Smoke and helps her discover a whole new meaning of the word "pretty".

Main Characters

About the Author

Scott Westerfeld was born in Dallas, Texas on May 5th, 1963. Westerfeld is the author of Uglies and seventeen other novels. He has written four sets of series for young adults, of which the Uglies series is the most famous. His other seriesare the Leviathan, Midnighters, and theNew York Trilogy series. Scott has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy at Vassar College and is a New York Universitygraduate in Performance Studies.

Book Report


Scott Westerfeld


Uglies is set in a futuristic post-apocalyptic dystopian world in which people turn "pretty" by getting cosmetic surgery when they reach the age of 16. The surgery turns people into the society's idea of beautiful.The purpose of the surgery is to make everyone equal (avoiding racism, judging people by looks, etc.) and to make peace. "Uglies" are children 12 years-old to 15 year-olds, they live together in dorms in the city of Uglyville until they turn 16 and get surgery. Once teens get the operation, they move to New Pretty Town in mansions shared with other pretties, they don't work or have any responsibilities. After the first surgery people have operations to make them Middle Pretties and Late Pretties (Crumblies). The pretty surgery also affects their brain although people aren't aware. The government make lesions in their brains to make people manageable and less likely to cause conflict in society. Since the book is set in the future, people have advanced technology like hoverboards, hovercars, etc.. The Ruins are the remains of current cities that were destroyed after an oil-bug washed out most of the world's population. Smokies are people who don't get the surgery and run away to live a normal life in the Smoke, which is later destroyed. Special Circumstances is made up of "Specials" who are described as "cruel pretties" by Tally, they have black eyes, sharp teeth, and are very strong. They are made to stop humans from rebelling against the government.

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