Book Report: Novel Mrs. Bullock

by lhalewicz
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Book Report: Novel Mrs. Bullock

Magpie gets caught in a Bushfire and her wings are burned so she cannot fly. Dog,who is blind in one eye, rescues her and becomes her friend. Together they explore the world, Magpie becoming Dog’s missing eye, and Dog becoming Magpie’s wings. Then Fox arrives on the scene. Will he break up the friendship between Dog and Magpie? Or will trust and loyalty prevail? Magpie makes the decision to go with Fox and leave Dog. She enjoys the feeling of "flying" on his back. Dog has lost an eye and rescues Magpie, but she doesn’t want to be saved if she can no longer fly with her burnt wing. Dog perseveres, however, and together they embark on a journey, with Magpie on Dog’s back. ‘FLY, Dog, FLY! I will be your missing eye and you will be my wings.’ When the cunning Fox appears, Dog is as welcoming as ever, but Magpie is not so sure of their new companion. ‘Now and again Fox joins in the conversation, but Magpie can feel him watching, always watching her. And at night his smell seems to fill the cave – a smell of rage and envy and loneliness.’ Magpie’s suspicions are overturned by her desire to fly again, though, and she is tempted three times before dangerously embarking on a journey with Fox, only to discover his twisted intentions, wrought by jealousy and loneliness. The existential howl of ‘triumph or despair’ within each of us is evoked in his painful abandonment of Magpie. But not only is Magpie left alone: Fox has alienated himself from those who sought his friendship, and has consigned Dog to solitude as well. And it is the latter who brings Magpie back to engagement with life; the heart-wrenching thought of her friend waking to find her gone. Can Magpie find her painful way home again?

Book Plot

- Magpie, a bird who has a damaged wing - Dog, a kind creature with a blinded eye - Fox, a cunning, decietful character who is constantly watching Magpie, making her feel uncomfortable.

Main Characters

About the Author

Margaret Wild was born in South Africa and came to Australia in 1972. She has been a journalist for newspapers and magazines and has worked as a book editor in children's publishing for over sixteen years, responsible for managing and commissioning a large range of titles. She lives in Sydney and now writes full time. Margaret has written more than 70 books for children. Her books are published around the world and have won numerous awards. In 1990, she won the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s (CBCA) Picture Book of the Year for The Very Best of Friends. Other CBC short-listed and commended books by Margaret include: Let the Celebrations Begin!; There’s a Sea in My Bedroom; Creatures in the Beard; Mr Nick’s Knitting; Thank You Santa; A Bit of Company; The Slumber Party; and Toby. In 1996, The Midnight Gang, was short-listed for the 1997 Children’s Book Council of Australia Picture Book of the Year Award. Published in 2000, Fox, a masterpiece written by Margaret and superbly illustrated by Ron Brooks, has won numerous awards, including the CBCA Book of the Year in 2001, the NSW Premier’s Patricia Wrightson Prize and the Queensland Premier’s Literary Award for Children’s Books.

Book Report


Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks

Book Cover


The setting is a burnt forest surrounded by desert where we are introduced to Dog and Magpie. Ron Brooks includes exquisite illustrations of the orange sun blazing on the hot, charred forest.

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