Book Report: My Left Foot

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Book Report: My Left Foot

´My Left Foot` takes place in a small town in Ireland in the 20th century.


Author: Christy Brown

Book report

Name: ......Clara Aranda....... Date: ....20-11-14...................

Christy brown: he is the principal character of the book. He is a boy from a big familly in irland that suffers cerebral palsy Mrs. Brown: she is the mother of Christy. She is the one who always was taking care and helping Christy with everything.

Main characters

Title: ´My Left Foot`



Do you like the book?

´My Left Foot` is the autobiography of Christy brown, a boy that suffers cerebral palsy.

Christy was a boy that lived in a poor familly with 21 brothers and sisters. He was born with cerebral palsy, and at the biggining he could´t walk, move his hands or even talk. His mother wanted to demostrate that Christy wasn´t stupid, and she was all the time taking care of him. One day Christy took a chalk with the foot and he wrote an A. From that moment his mother teached him to read and writte. He used a lot his left foot to writte and paint, that were the things he enjoyed the most. One day they called him to enter in a clinic for helping him with his dissease. They told him he will improve himself with the condition of stop using his left foot. He agree. Christy decided to wrote a book with the help of Dr. Collins. He dictate and his brother wrote. when he had finished the first chapter, Dr. Collins organized a beneficent concert for cerebral palsy. At the end of the concert, Dr. Collins read the fist chapter of Christy´s book, and he gave to Mrs. Brown red roses because of the effort she has made for Christy.

I think this book is relly stunning and inspiring to special people with problems. They can realise that they also can made important things in their lives. I relly liked the book, and I will recomended to people who relly like books of personal growth.

I like the Book!


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