Book report - Florence Nightingale

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Book report - Florence Nightingale

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Florence was a famous nurse who invented better hospital conditions for all patients. She made sure that all patients had a safe and clean hospital room.Why I choose this book?-I choose this book because Florence helped to make sure soliders were able to recover after war. My dad was a marine that fought in a war. I would want him to have a nurse like that to take care of him!

Florence Nightingale by Lola Schaefer & Wyatt Schaefer

Florence Nightingale

Author's Purpose: To Inform the reader about Florence's accomplishments

Accomplishments:-She went to nursing school in 1851.-She ran a hospital for women in London-She and 38 other nurses took care of soliders.-She made sure hospitals were safe and clean.-She opened her own nursing school-She wrote short stories about nursing.

How she has affected my life?

This book is a Biography - it tells about someone's life!

If it wasn't for Florence we wouldn't have the great clean and safe hospitals that we have today!

Florence faced many challenges as a nurse including having to help soliders that were hurt and sick.


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