Book Report El Deafo

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Book Report El Deafo

Author: Cece Bell

Title: El Deafo

3 Main Events:1.When Cece first gets her hearing aid2.When Cece looses her best friend3.When Cece became best friends with her old friend

SettingsThe setting is when Cece gets her hearing aid for school and then tells her crush (mike) that she can hear everything that the teacher is doing at school. He thought it was really cool. Then he started to take advantage of that.

Main Characters:1.Cece2.Martha3.Mike

Book Report By: Addisyn Rowe

The Major Theme/s:


One of the major themes are when Cece gets her hearing aid for the first time. Then she will start to go to a real school with people her age. She thinks everybody will make fun of her but no one does.


"Be nice to the deaf kid too"I thought this quote was important because a deaf kid isnt different from anybody else. She/he is the same. You should treat everybody nicely not just the deaf kid.

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I loved this book because it was very detailed and I never wanted to put it down. I think everyone that read this book loved because I know I sure did





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