Book Report: Drummer Boy at Bull Run

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Book Report: Drummer Boy at Bull Run

Drummer Boy at Bull RunBy: Gilbert Morris

Gilbert Morris was born on May 24, 1929 in a town called Forrest City, Arkansas. He went to school at the University of Arkansas. He is a christian author. His entire life he enjoyed writing historical fiction novels for people of all ages. He currently lives in Gulf Shores, Alabama with his wife, Johnnie. He has 3 children 2 daughters and a son.


This story takes place in a few places. It starts in Kentucky in the mid 1800s. Later on in the book it takes place in Washington. It also takes place in Richmond Virginia and Bull Run creek. The story takesplace during the civil war.

Main Characters

They're are two main characters in this book Leah Carter and Jeff Majors. Leah Carter is a very happy, loving, and caring person. She is 13 years old. Jeff Majors is 14 years old. He is a great person to be around and is a good freind. He sometimes thinks that he can do many things he cannot. Leah and Jeff are very good freinds. Their family knows each other so they have been freinds since they were little kids.


Jeff Majors and Leah Carter are to best freinds. They have been freinds scince they were little. The news of the coming civil war has force Leah and Jeff to be split up. Jeff's father is going to fight for the Confederate Army. Minewhile Leah and her Dad go to be sutlers for the Union Army. Jeff dicides to become a drummer boy for the Confederates scince he is still to young to fight.The Union and the Confederates meet at bull run creek and fight a battle. Jeffs Father gets shot during the battle and is taken prisoner. Leah and her Father find Jeff's dad in a prison hospitle. His condision is not good but Leah is at least able to write a letter to Jeff. Jeff finds an oppertunity to go back to Kentucky and see Leah and the Carter family. The war is nowhere nere over and Jeff is still struggling with the harships of war but he realizes that as long as he has faith in God he will be ok.

Biblicle Perspective

Their were some biblicle truths in this book. Leah and here Dad spreed Gods word to the soldiers of the Union Army and believe that as long as God is on their side they will win. Jeff Majors realizes that he can do all things through Christ who strenghtens him. He learns that as long as he has faith that God will keep him and his father safe he will be ok

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