Book Report: Dragon Rider

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Book Report: Dragon Rider

SettingThe setting is Northeastern Europe and Eastern Europe. Another setting in the book is the Himilayas. It is set in the present day.

Author: Cornelia Funke................

Name: Hank Herzfeld Date: 12/3/14

Title: Dragon Rider.......................


My Favorite Part

Point of View

The main conflict is that Nettlebrand is hunting the silver dragons and tries to kill the other main characters.

My favorite part is when they enter the Rim of Heaven whilst being persued by Nettlebrand.

The point of view is third person.

I like the Book!

Main CharactersThe main characters are Nettlebrand, Firedrake, Sorrel, and Ben.

The Sequel I would want the author to include more fictitious creatures and monsters. Maybe they could add some more characters.

My Favorite PartMy favorite part of the book is when they enter the Rim of Heaven. The discriptions are amazing!

The Title I think that the author chose this title because the book is mostly about Ben, the dragon rider.

Dragon Rider

RecomendationI recomend this book for people who enjoy adventures and who like suspense and fiction.

ThemeThe theme is that anybody can accomplish a great thing.


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