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book report character example

I lead a very strange life as I am very "attractive" to vampires because of my smell. I am soon hunted by vampires and Edward, my love, comes to my rescue and kills James. This creates a very tangled web in the vampire world, and more threats on my life.


Edward tries to fight his attraction to me and saves me from death several time. He has fallen hopelessly in love with me, but doesn't want me to become a vampire

And then there is Jacob ...

Forks, Washington was totally opposite from Phoenix, but soon I fell in love for the first time, but with what I soon figured out was a VAMPIRE!

I used to live in Phoenix, Arizona until my mother got remarried to a semiprofessional baseball player. She then asked me to move to Forks, Washington to be with my father for my senior year in high school. I didn't want to move from sunny, warm, and dry Arizona to a cold, wet, rain forest.

I am beautiful, and envied by other girls in my new school, but after getting to know the Cullens, a vampire "family," and falling in love with Edward, I want to become a VAMPIRE!

My dad buys me a very old truck that I love because I am a very unconventional person. An old childhood friend, Jacob, helps me learn to drive my truck.



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