Book Report: April Henry - Girl, Stolen

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Book Report: April Henry - Girl, Stolen

Author: April Henry

Name:Ruby-Jean Davis Date: 12/12/13

Title: Girl, Stolen

The setting of Girl, Stolen takes place in a house that appers to be in the middle of nowhere. The main character (Cheyenne) is blind so there's not much information given about the exact location. All she knows is its a dirty house within 1 hour distance of the Woodlands Experience shopping mall . Time=present

The book had a lot of good elements to it but not enough to make it outstanding. I enjoyed the begaining of the book when the kidnapping occured and part of the end when you found out a lot of information but all together it wasn't that great. the story sadly dragged on and on with nothing going on. It was also not very memorable or beliveable which makes it kind of lose it point of being realistic fiction. I give it 2/5 stars



Protagonist:Cheyenne Wilder-A blind girl that gets kidnapped while sleeping in the backseat of her stepmother's car. She has big dark brown eyes with dark brown hair and is 16 years old. She is smart, clever and very convincing.Antagonist(but turns out to be a friend):Griffin-The kidnapper who in the end turns out to be the good guy since he never wanted to kidnap the girl just steal the car. He also helps her escape. He is smart (not as smart as Cheyenne), kind and is mostly selflessAntagonist:Roy-Griffin's dad who wants Cheyenne dead so there is no evidence of her staying in the house. He is evil, selfish and mean. He is mean to his own son is not only a criminal but also a killer.

Cheyenne is kidnapped by Griffin, a boy about her same age that wanted too steal her stepmother's car (which he admits) but not her. Griffin wants Cheyenne to get away but Roy and his buddies want her to be killed so there was no way they would get caught. It started out as Cheyenne against Griffin but soon turned into Cheyenne against Roy. Man vs Man


April Henry was born on April 14, 1959 which means she is 54 years old. She has written Thrillers, Mysterys and all types of young adult novels. She is a NewYork Times bestselling author and has written many other novels too.

The author uses situational irony by making so the reader doesn't expect what is coming at the end. In this book you expect after Cheyenne ran away from the house and found a policeman everything was good Cheyenne was going to get out right then and there when the author uses an ironic twist by making the policeman Roy a criminal who was the actual person holding her hostage. In the end she does get out of it alive but not as soon as the reader was expecting.


1 Cheyenne being kidnapped by Griffin2 Roy finding out that Cheyenne is the daughter of Nike's (Nike shoes/sportswear) founder3 Griffin finds out his dad killed his mother4 Cheyenne is almost killed by Roy who pretends to be a cop5 Cheyenne getting away in the end

Main Events

Never be alone (Cheyenne wished she had brought her dog, Phantom, with her the day her stepmother had gone in the drugstore and left her in the backseat alone where she was then kidnapped.)Never stop fighting (Cheyenne could have given up and just died but with fighting just a little she was able to make it through.)

Main Characters

Genre-Realistic FictionTargeted Audience- Teenage girls Published-9/28/2010


Reminds me of Cheyenne and her dog Phantom

Author Info.

“Please, please, just let me go. I won’t tell anyone.- Cheyenne” (pg 8)

"I was actually planing on helping you get away.-Griffin"(pg 173)


  • gillianbernard 7 years ago

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    I really like the template and placement of everything. The word box for "Conclusion" covers up some of the words so I could not understand the first sentence. I liked the picture of what you imagined Cheyenne and Phantom to look like. The quote you included that Griffin said is a very good choice to show that he was nice. It was a very good project with lots of bright colors that caught my attention.

  • anabellaroithner 7 years ago

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    I really like layout. I only saw a few mistakes, like where you said "wanted too steal" the "too" should be to and where "Conclusion" covers up some of the words so I could not read them. The video was amazing and all the bright colors really caught my attention.

  • Madgrom3 7 years ago

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    The glog's bright colors and layout sparked my attention. You provided lots of information that went beyond what I have seen in some other projects. I really liked the video provided. I also enjoyed how you pictured the characters. The conclusion covers up some of the text which probably could of been avoided by making the text box a bit smaller. I saw a few grammar and spelling errors like how you misspelled "beginning". In the end, this project has lots of information and a great design with little errors. Great Job Ruby.