Book Report: Anne Frank

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Book Report: Anne Frank

Main Characters

Anne didn't just have bad times, she was given books from Mr. Koophis, dressed-up with Peter and made everyone laugh, she wrote in her diary and played games, she had enough food at the hiding so she could survive, she had all of her family with her.


Her life story

On June 12, 1929, Anne Frank was born in Amsterdam, Holland. She lived happy with her family in their own house. She had friends, too. Sanne Houtman, Lies Goosens, and Jopie De Waal. She had another friend (whom she thought she would marry), Peter Wessel.

Book Report

Anne Frank

The Diary of a Young Girl


Hitler made edicts for Jews to follow, then they were hiding with four other people, in the secret annex. Two years after that, the Franks were discovered and sent to camps. Anne was only 15 when she died. Before Anne died, the only family member she saw again was Margot. If she had just stayed alive three more months, she would have been sixteen and the war would be over.

Glog by: Emma Calvert

Book Cover

Anne Frank- A 13 year-old girl who lived in Amsterdam, Holland in the 1940's.Margot Frank- Anne's 15-year old sister, Edith and Otto Frank- Anne's mother and father.The Van Pels- Herman, Auguste, and Peter. Fritz Pfiffer (Mr. Dussel)- Another man who lived with the Franks.

Here is a video of Anne, and the people who lived in the Secret Annex.


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    Looks like something Anne Frank wold write.

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    Emma, I really liked your Glog. It was very well organized and there was lots of information. It was great!