Book Report: Andromeda Klein

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Book Report: Andromeda Klein

In Andromeda Klein, most of the story takes place at Andromeda's house, the library, and the high school she goes to. This is a very modern story, with cell phones and modern society.


Author: Frank Portman

Book report

Name: Jana Kuruc Date: March 18th, 2014

The main event is when Andromeda finally realizes that her deceased friend Daisy has been sending her signs in her tarot readings and dreams. The issue is that Daisy isn't there to help Andromeda get through her other problems (which include her mom not approving of her occult ways, her boyfriend losing interest in her, etc.) She has come back as what occultists call "Shadow Beings," which are pretty much demons. The ending is when Andromeda does a cleansing ritual to help Daisy move on.

Main Events

The main character is Andromeda Klein, a teenage occultist living with her mom and cat, Dave Klein. She only wears hoodies (which annoys her mom ), has brittle bones, bad hearing, and dark, lank hair. She tends to do a lot of tarot readings, looking for guidance from the stars.


Title: Andromeda Klein



Do you like the book?

The conflict in this story is that Andromeda's deceased friend Daisy starts to communicate with her through dreams and astral journeys.

I believe the theme for Andromeda Klein is acceptance of death. Andromeda's only real friend dies and haunts her, and to me that could be a metaphor for the Kübler-Ross model of grief.

It was very slow and hard to get into because of the many subplots and the jumbled thoughts. After a while, though, I got hooked. I would recommend this book to patient readers and people interested in teenage occultists.

I like the Book!


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