book report 8

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book report 8

Dear Diary, Well I wasn't expecting anything like this. Pheobe was ergent Seth all along, and i had no idea! Now I'm sitting in the trunk of Seth's car being hauled of to who knows where. I guess i probably should have listened to all the warnings i was given by everyone even Seth. Whatever is coming i have a really bad feeling about it. Sincerely, Daniel X

Quotes''That means...all along you were...right from the start you were...'' Daniel''Pheobe? Oh yes'' Ergent Seth

Chapter 43-49

Personal ResponseThis was a really intense chapter and a very suprising one too. I had no idea Pheobe would turn out to be Ergent Seth that was a huge suprise. Now i want to know what's going to happen to Daniel since he's been captured.

Atreyu- Ain't Love Grand


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