[2014] Josh Anderson (Room 22 4th Grade): Book Report

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[2014] Josh Anderson (Room 22 4th Grade): Book Report

By the Great Horn SpoonBook Report:By Josh Anderson

CharactersMaster Jack FlaggPraiseworthyQuartz JacksonCheap JonCut-Eye HigginsAunt ArabellaCaptain SwainPitch-Pine BillySarah FlaggConstance FlaggMountain Ox Mountain JimDr. BuckbeeRoad AgentsThe FrenchmanSoldiersAzariah JonesChinese LaundrymanJonas T. FletcherJimmie-From-TownBuffalo JohnHannaStubbsJustice of the Peace

SettingsBostonLady WilmaHangtownSan FranciscoGold FieldsAbandoned ShipShirt-Tail CampBoston Harbor

Story By: Sid Fleischman

Point of ViewThe point of view for this story is third person because there is a narrorator.

ConflictPerson vs. Self when Praiseworthy and Jack lost all of their gold. Person vs. Person when Praiseworthy had to fight Mountain Ox.

ToneHappiness:When Praiseworthy and Jack found gold. Scary:When the Lady Wilma got into a huge storm.

ThemeHelping:When Praiseworthy and Jack went to the gold fields to save their house.



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