[2015] Cole Baker: Book Report

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[2015] Cole Baker: Book Report

Author: E. L. Kongigsburg

Title: From The Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler

Main EventsClaudia and Jamie run away.Learning about AngelMeeting Mrs. Frankweiler

SettingsThe Metropolion ArtMuseum

Main CharactersClaudiaJamieMrs. Frankweiler

Bookreport by Cole

Short Summary

I liked the book because...

In this book Claudia and her brother Jamie run away. They run to the Metropolioin Art Mesuem. There they learn about many things including the statue of the angel by michealangelo that Mrs. Frankweiler sold to the museum. They eventuly go to the house of Mrs. Frankweiler and learn some secrets

I really liked the book. I think I liked it because the kids are about our ages and they are acting in real society. I liked the mystery in it and the fact that it is ralistic and not complete fantasy.

I rate this book


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