book report 4

by eltacojr
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book report 4

Chapter 15-21

Dear Diary, Today i met this girl named Pheobe at highschool she's really pretty and nice. I met her because this morning i decided it would be best to blend in while looking for Ergent Seth. Right now im just getting settled in my house right now sinc i just got here last night. Though last night was great even though it was my first day i California i conjured up my mom, dad, and my little sister Pork Chop. Now that i have begun living in my new house i shall now start my search for Ergent Seth. Sincerely, Daniel X

Quotes''Were you really looking for the library?'' Pheobe''Nope i was looking for you.'' Daniel

Van Halen- You Really Got Me Now

Personal Resopnse I thought this was a good intro to Daniel being in California looking for Ergent Seth. I also liked the new character pheobe. All togerther it kept me reading.


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