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Book report

Kids can learn to say bad language. The cursing in the songs at the dance could make kids think it’s ok to say cuss words. When little kids cuss they could get into big trouble, at school or at home. Kids are not suppose to know bad words at a young age. Plus 98% of parents don’t know what their kids are doing at school dances. Also, kids might decide to swear every where and make their parents look bad.

Should music with cuss words be played at school dances?

A lot of parents don’t let their kids go to school dances because sometimes the music is dirty and the kids dance to the dirty music. I don’t think music with cuss words should be played at school dances because kids could learn to say bad language, parents could threaten to take their kids to a different school, and the dance could be shut down.

By: Savanna Schwartz

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Paragraph 1

Parents could threaten to take their kids to a different school. kids could tell their parents about the swearing music in school dances, when they get home, and the parents could decide to take their kid to another school. Plus parents may not let their kids go to the dances anymore, and if they get really mad, they could take their kids to a different school. Parents could end up shutting the dance down if there’s swearing, and eventually think about moving.

Paragraph 2

Kids should be able to go to school dances that have cuss words in them, because kids already hear cuss words, and parents can’t stop their kids from ever hearing bad words. Plus if the parents get mad at whoever is playing the music since there is cuss words in it, the person playing the music could play an edited version of the song and play that. I think it’s ok to play songs with cuss words in because in a few years, kids probably won’t even remember there was any bad words in the songs at their school dances.


Counter argument

The dance could be threatened to shut down if the music is inappropriate . Parents could shut down the dance, if they are chaperoning it or not, and if they don’t like the music choices. Some parents will even go to the dance and argue with whoever is in charge of the dance, and decide if it should be shut down. Parents could decide if their kids should be able to go to the school dance, since the music choices might not be appropriate.

Paragraph 3


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