book report 3

by eltacojr
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book report 3

Chapter 8-14

Dear Diary, I'm currently traveling to California to hunt down the number six on my list Ergent Seth. I have been traveling on a bus for fourteen hours and thats my personal limit for a bus ride so i got off and decided to hitch-hike. While doing that i ran into an alien speeding down the road to give me a warning from Ergent Seth. I chased him down to get more information. After that i made camp in the forest for the night and conjured up my four friends Willy, Joe-Joe, Emma, and Dana for company and we played bored games for most of the night. I also had an increadably frightening nightmare while i slept. Sincerely, Daniel X

Quotes''Don't drink and drive you useless dink'' Daniel''Number six sent me, and you better go back the way you came. You better run away! You get it? You turn around, You boogie, or you die a horrible death in the near future.'' Drunk Driving Alien

Avenged Sevenfold-Bat Country

Personal ResponseI thought while i reading these chapters to be kind of creepy but on the end to be really good. I also thought the part with the drunk alien to be pretty funny, but the author's word choice to be a little wierd. Though i really liked the pages with Daniel and his friends hanging our.


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