Playing with Poetry

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Language Arts

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Playing with Poetry

Playing with Poetry

Connections are links, bonds and relationships among people.Literature of all kinds connects people across time and cultures. This concept is central to our studyof children's poetry this term. Due to the universal nature of literature, we can explore the relationships betweena poem, its creator and the children he or she is trying to reach.

Year 9 English with Year 2


Personal and Cultural Expression

Can you remember the poems of your childhood? Have you ever thought about how the poets use language to express ideas and feelings? In this unit, you will learn about how poets use aural artistry to express their ideas and feelings.



Poets understand that young children are better engaged with poetry when it is performed.

What poetic techniques do poets use in order to create a pleasing sound?How do poets make children feel and think?What makes children a great audience for performance poetry?


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