book report 2

by eltacojr
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book report 2

Chapters 1-7

Dear Diary, Today the police showed up at my house to get me to go to school. Since i Have been hunting aliens i haven't been attending school, But i used my powers to conjure up my parents to talk to the police. My ''parents'' were able to sort things out with the police and they left. In addition to the conjuring of dead people ability i have super speed and strength. Also i can tur myself into other things like ticks and elephants too. My powers are a huge help when fighting aliens. Sincerely, Daniel X

Quotes''MA'AM EVERYBODY NEEDS to go to school'' Police officer''Oh Daniel, are you sure about that" Number six might be way too much, way too soon.'' Daniels Mom

Good Charlotte-The Anthem

Personal ResponseI thought these were very entertaining events that happened through the first few chapters. It also was very helpful to to learn what his powers were. In conclusion it was a good seven chapters


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