book report 12

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book report 12

Chapter 70-77

Personal ResponseI liked the family reunion, and the zoo part was pretty wierd but kind of funny. I thought this was probably the calm before the storm, and the big fight is coming up. I am really looking forward to that fight too.

Dear Diary, Today was probably the best few days i ever had! Well other than the secondhand operation that was performed by my grandmother for exploding round Seth shot into my chest. Other than that it was awesome! I met all my reletives that are still alive and i found out i have a friend thats an elephant that i can talk to! Now i know I'm ready to face Seth! Sincerely Daniel X

Quotes''You going to operate on me...with gardening tools"'' Daniel''Aren't we picky" Pull up your shirt!'' Blaleen

Good Charlotte- Festival Song


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