book report 11

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book report 11

Dear Diary, Well this is a turn for the better i found refugees underground after i escaped Seth. I was able to make a break for it after seth was showing me my leveled home, and at that time i was able to escape down an alleyway. I met two kids that showed me the refugee city and this amazind indoor pool and a zoo that probably nobody else knows about. Their names are Bem and Kulay. This is probably the best thing that has happened to me in a while. Sincerely, Daniel X

Quotes''Wheeee!'' Kulay''The pool" You haven't seen anything yet,'' Bem

Personal ResoponseI thought this was a nice change of pace for the book by giving a little happiness before the big fight. I thought the start of the first few chapters when Daniel escaped was very intense, but the rest was really intresting and happy. I'm still waiting for the fight though.

Chapter 63-70

Rise Against- Prayer of the Refugee


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