Book Report 1

by eltacojr
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Book Report 1

Dear Diary, Today my parents were murdered by and alien looking for a list of some sort. After he killed them he came after me, but I was able to escape his grasp by turning into a tick. That's when i discovered i had supernatural powers, but unfortunatly the alien burned down my house. Then i found what the alien was looking for, the list of the top twenty alien outlaws. Thats when i knew what i had to do i had to become an alien hunter. Sincerely, Daniel X

Quotes''But my latest masterpiece isn't done yet!'' Daniel''Of course you are, dear. I would expect nothing less. Love you. allways.'' Daniel's Mom

Prequel Chapters

Good Charolette- A New Beginning

Personal ResponseI thought this was a good opening to the story. It held alot of information that is mentioned al through the book and also provides a good backround story


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