[2015] Jorden Chaban (2nd Pd. Spanish I 15-16): Book of Life

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[2015] Jorden Chaban (2nd Pd. Spanish I 15-16): Book of Life

Loving all mankind and believing mankind is pure

La Muerte

Respecting God's Creatures


Maria is a very loving person. When she saw pigs that were about to be killed, she saved them and set them free. Also, when Chakal attacked her town she stood up and encouraged everyone to protect themselves and their home.

Taking care of her town and protecting any living thing

La Muerte loves all of mankind and treats everyone fairly. She is loving to all beings. When Xibalba tricked Manolo and cheated to win a bet, La Muerte gave Manolo another chance to find Maria and protect the town from Chakal.

Jorden Chaban

In the book of life, an example of the Critical Concerns of Earth is that Manolo respects Gods animals and creations. Even though Manolo was born into a family of bull fighters, he refused to kill one. He was pressured to fight and kill bulls, but he always stayed true to himself.



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